Why not treat your skin?

I know that removing makeup is boring and can feel like such a core sometimes, especially when you’re exhausted. When you come home after a long, tiring day at work or a night out, or you spent the evening studying for an important exam, the only thing you want to do is just go to bed straight away. We know how important it is to remove our makeup and wash our faces but we just tell ourselves we can always do that in the morning. After all, what difference can a few hours make? A lot, actually.

1. Removing dirt and makeup will avoid blemishes and breakouts
Doesn’t matter how tired you are, washing your face at night is not something you can skip. Leaving makeup on your face at night can clog your pores and cause breakouts. And dealing with pimples is never fun, and it is even more irritating when you think you could have avoided it by taking off your makeup at night (trust me, I’ve been there). But don’t think that you can avoid washing your face at night if you don’t wear makeup. Whenever we touch our faces with our hands, even though we do so unintentionally, we could transfer bacteria and dirt on it that will still cause problems if not properly removed before going to sleep.

2. When your skin is clean, it better absorbs skincare products
Our skin repairs itself at night so it is important we take care of it even when we sleep by applying a good moisturizer that will keep it hydrated overnight (the one you applied in the morning has completely evaporated by now) and any other skincare product of our choice to target any concerns we may have (like anti-aging creams and serums or AHA/BHA exfoliators for example). But before using these products, we need to wash our skin to improve their efficacy. When applied on clean skin, in fact, skincare products penetrate better and more deeply into the skin, performing better overall. After spending money on retinol or anti-acne treatments, you wouldn’t want to somewhat compromise their efficacy but applying them on a dirty canvas, would you?

3. Washing your face at night helps to prevent acne

If you have acne or your skin is prone to this condition, or you just get breakouts often, then washing your face at night will help. We have already seen how makeup clogs our pores causing blemishes if not properly removed but that’s not all. Our skin at night produces oil, which can get trapped into the pores. And the acne-causing bacteria thrives on this oil. Washing our faces will help keeping the pores clean, thus reducing the ability of bacteria to flourish and inflame our skin.

So with all of that in mind.. make it easy on yourself let us treat your skin and you to an amazing Treatment.

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