After a hectic week, sometimes it's best to hang out at home. Why not have your BFF'S over for a fantastic, fun and relaxing Spa  night in? They will surely appreciate the thought and want to join you. 

All you really need to do is get the girls together at somebody's house and coordinate the events of the  night. We provide the staff to preform the Aromatherapy hand treatments, Herbal foot soaks, night~time regimes & Massage.  Heck, You can also do each other's hair if you so choose. You will send E-vites to your friends giving them their "spa appointment time" and of course tell them to bring their favorite slippers & robe. Your guest will have filled out an information form so we can  be prepared for them.  When each guest arrives  10-15 minutes apart, they will be greeted by you (the hostess) with a beverage in hand (hostess choice). We will be more then happy to introduce you to our event coordinator (included in the reservation fee)  ​to assist you with your event. We have so many ideas to get you started! Pick a date and give us a call.

Check out so of these pic's ... so fun!

Ladies Night In!

Sometimes the best night out is a Ladies night in.

We don't need a reason, neither do you! so many themes to choose from.

 *Custom Design your Event*
Please join us for a relaxing Aromatherapy hand treatment & Herbal foot soak before... You & Our Coordinator can fill in the blanks. 

 *We don't need a reason to "wine"* Antioxidant City!​
Have your ladies enjoy a Wine night! not just for drinking.

  • Dried herbal infused foot soak
  • ​Foot massage with infused shea butter, mango butter, vitamin E, red wine
  • Raw Sugar Scrub infused with Clove, sandalwood, Juniper, Thyme and rosemary essential oil
  • Butter Creme to seal in the amazing treatment this package will give to all the ladies

*Bridal Package*
Have your ladies come together for a relaxing Aromatherapy hand treatment & Herbal foot soak before your big day. 

*I can't feel my feet*
Have your ladies come together for a relaxing Aromatherapy foot soak treatment. 

* Flip~flops for your guest                       * Lavender candles for aromatherapy
* Cucumber infused Spa water             * ​Relaxing spa sounds for ambience

Enjoy Lavender & Chamomile essential oils infused:

Into grape~seed oil for your foot soak and into the shea butter for your hot stone massage

 *Rum & Stir*
Have your ladies join you for a relaxing verbal detox and blend party.
​Why not have a night of relaxation, fun and learn how to make your own body product.
Choose from making:​
* Raw Sugar scrub           * Body Butter Candle          * Herbal Foot Soak  
* Herbal foot soak           * Body Butter Bar                  * Essential oil Synergy