Not all wraps are the same!
The Just Wink Essentials offer some of the most extensive selection of body wraps to choose from, and a trained and knowledgeable staff to assist you. We can help you decide which single wrap or series would be best for you, depending on your goal. Whether you want to look and feel better, become more healthy, or even to ease chronic pain, we are here to help you reach your personal goal.

Slimming Hydrating and Detoxifying Lavender Herbal Body Wrap
Lose inches, reduce fat, detoxify, and increase metabolism. Men and women alike can particularly appreciate that body wrapping takes off size in the areas that you just can't exercise it away! The Rib area and the notorious "love handles" can be dealt with a series of body wraps. Aside from thinning, body wraps hydrate and help to define muscle. This is a great first wrap.

Hot Herbal Body Treatment

The enzyme active Aloe Vera infused with Lavender essential oils will penetrate the toxin cleansing herbs down into fatty deposits and cellulite. There is a measurable difference immediately after the wrap, and you will continue to lose for the next three days! Average loss is 4 to 15 inches with each wrap! This body wrap may be done every 4-5 days. A series of 12 wraps most always results in a loss of 2 clothes sizes.  You will feel invigorated and energized, as well as losing excess swelling and toxins.  A wonderful gift.

$169 Special  for 2016 $99 per session