This is Ariana, my Princess..

Chanel Wapner

  • Masters in Advance French Translation
  • Certified Master Aromatherapist
  • Certified in Flower Essence
  • Certified in Therapeutic Bathing

Chanel - Master Aromathrapist

This is Brandon, my Prince...

My journey started with the birth of my granddaughter. I learned everything that I could before going to back to school to get my Master Certification in Aromatherapy. My grandson soon followed. They both inspire me to create using everything God has given us on this earth to heal our minds, bodies and spirits. I love to get creative when I blend. I wake up sometimes at odd hours when something has entered a dream and "Bam" I am on a roll. I like to find neat containers to put some of my blends inside to show them off. There are some of my home pics of these that have inspired me. I hope you enjoy. E~mail me with feed back or questions if you like. I  also get motivated to  blend when I take my dogs Bella, the Weimaraner, Maxx & Cami my Maltese out and about and Bella to the San Joaquin River. The  sound of the running water clears my head, gives harmony to my soul and desire to my inspiration.