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1~hr~ Massage~ Amazing Nut or Fruit  Massage oil is used for your massage

VIP Member Price       Standard $55             Classic  $60            Signature  $65

Non~Member Price
  Standard  $60            Classic  $65             Signature  $70

1 1/2 ~hr The perfect treatment, with time for a full body plus effective focus work on the areas that need it. This is the best choice if you are unable to receive a massage on a regular basis.

VIP Member Price
     Standard $70                 Classic  $75             Signature   $80

Non~Member Price
 Standard  $75                Classic  $80             Signature   $85

2 ~hr Absolute Luxury!For those that want to revel in body work, plenty of time for reaching and releasing all the chronic pain areas and relax fully into a state of bliss.

VIP Member Price      Standard $90             Classic  $95                Signature  $100

Non~Member Price
  Standard$ 105           Classic  $110             Signature  $115

* Standard Massage  ~Amazing Nut or Fruit  Massage oil is used for your massage
*Classic Massage  ~ Your choice of an essentials essence added to Amazing Nut or Fruit  Massage oil is used for your massage
*Signature Massage ~ Add a Just Wink Essential aromatherapy Synergy is added to the massage oil for your added benefits of your massage.

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